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  • Display up to 50 products with your membership. Members are allowed to post unlimited number of items for an additional charge of $100 for every 50 items.
  • Negotiate trade deals online with many buyers and suppliers in private.
  • Market test existing and new products in global markets
  • Send, receive and store messages in your Message Center
  • Expand into new markets with the assistance of 1Point Commerce’s Associates in many cities/countries worldwide
  • Find local agents with the assistance of 1Point Commerce’s Representatives in cities/countries worldwide.
  • Have a Complete Global e-Commerce Solution to Compete Locally and Expand Globally at minimal cost and risk!

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Associates' Information

1Point Commerce's Associates are professional business services providers. As an integral part of 1Point Commerce's global e-commerce network, they provide services that enable our member companies to complete trade deals and expand into the associates' local markets at minimal cost and risk.

We have divided our associates into two groups. One group assists companies with international trade deals, providing finance, insurance, inspection, shipping, freight forwarding and customs brokerage services. The other group assists companies that want to expand into local markets, providing legal, accounting, advertising, marketing, consultancy, translation, real estate, employment and other services. For a complete list of our Associates' services please click here.

Associates abide by 1Point Commerce's Code of Ethics and adhere to the highest standard of ethics of their respective professions.

Associates joining our network have protected territory, and only three Associate are allowed to join our network for each service in each market.

To join our network of professional Associates, please click on the link below.

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Representatives' Information

1Point Commerce's Local Representatives are reputable business firms (private, and/or public) with the goal of assisting local companies to become global, and for those companies to benefit from global e-commerce".

Representatives of 1Point Commerce are our future partners in local markets worldwide. Together, we are becoming the leaders in global e-commerce.

Our global e-commerce network provides Representatives with the necessary online and off-line infrastructures that enables them to offer local companies:

  • a global directory to Promote themselves globally.
  • a trading platform that immediately allows them to introduce their 'For Sale' / 'Wanted' products and services to a worldwide audience of buyers and suppliers.
  • to negotiate trade deals online, and conclude deals.
  • local (associates)' services to assist companies to complete trade deals.
  • local associates' services to assist companies wanting to expand into the associates' markets, while minimizing companies' risks and costs of entry into such markets.

Our Representatives have extensive knowledge of local markets. Their expertise stems from many years of interacting with local companies, and they have knowledge of their local governmental trade regulations and procedures. Representatives share in the membership fees generated in their local markets.

All of our Representatives abide by 1Point Commerce's Code of Ethics. To join our Local Representatives' Network, please click on the link below.

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