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Compound Screening Platform

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Boc Sciences also provide high content screening (HCS). HCS is based on automated high-resolution fluorescent microscopy imaging technology. It is a multi-parameter functional analysis system that can provide a large amount of biological information including cell growth, differentiation, migration, apoptosis, metabolic and signal transduction pathways. Insights from these information-rich analyses could help scientists to understand pharmacological and toxic properties of a lead compound at the early stage of discovery, thereby significantly improving the efficiency of candidate confirmation and resultant success rate of drug development. More information please visit our website:http://www.bocsci.com/compound-screening-platform.html


Boc Sciences provides bioassays in: Cancers Cardiovascular diseases Neural system diseases Reproductive system diseases Respiratory system disease Metabolic diseases Infectious diseases Based on these bioassays, Boc Sciences provides an efficient, economical and systematic one-stop screening platform to fulfill the clients’ need of drug discovery and development.

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